Fools, Friends, and the Great Beyond
Tom Jolu
Take a Musical Road Trip with us!

Take a Musical Road Trip with us!

Come with us and experience our newest album!

Our newest album, “Fools, Friends, and the Great Beyond” is done,

That doesn’t mean we’re only putting it on streaming services.

Oh No

Instead, we want to take you with us on this cathartic journey that spans from rest stops, to deserts, basements, haunted bars, and hidden night clubs that you never dreamed existed! It will take you to the edge and bring you all the way to The Great Beyond and back! Sound intimidating? Don’t worry, we’ll be guiding you every step of the way! The only thing we have to ask you is this:
You ready?

Hold the Phone…

What exactly is involved in this “Road Trip”?

Since this album deals with so many things lyrically, sonically, and thematically, we thought we might unpack everything so you’re getting the whole story. So we’ve set up a 7-day journey for you to take, with us as your guide, just in case you get lost. As you continue through the stops along the way you’ll encounter:

Hidden Soundcloud playlists as well as Wav and MP3 Downloads of every song on the album.

The Lyrics to every song

A 7-part Behind the Scenes Mini-Series documenting and discussing, not only the recording process, but over-arching themes in the album.

A 10-part Video Series from Matt (Our drummer and co-producer) showing his approach to the sound design throughout the album.

Early Demos and recordings of each song, showing the progression of the songs from their earliest forms, to the completed recordings you hear on the album.

And a 10-part “Tour Journal”, made of excerpts from Tom’s actual journal, showing the story behind all of the songs and the narrative structure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does this work?

Hit any of the blue buttons on this page, type in your name and email, and I’ll send you a confirmation email straight away. After that, you’ll get the first day of the album experience!

When will this album experience Start?

This whole experience will be going live on June 18th, 2021. From then, you’ll be getting a secret link every day for the next 7 days until the album is finished. We thought we would give you little chunks so it’s not an info dump on your part.

But when will you be streaming the album?

This album will be streaming worldwide on October, 8th, 2021, but we’ll be trickling out singles once a month from May, 21st, 2021 until October 8th, 2021.