Fools, Friends, and the Great Beyond
Tom Jolu
Tour Journal: A New Beginning

Tour Journal: A New Beginning

Today is the official first day of a new tour. I’ve been driving all night, but somewhere around 2 AM, we made it. 
Now I’m sitting on this bridge, looking at this city and it’s lights, so similar to my hometown, to that beautiful Twilight Zone and thinking of where I was more than a year ago. 
Even after all of that pain, the uncertainties placed in front of me, even after clawing my way out of the hole my brain had made for me, I still don’t know where I’m going.
 I’m still scared of succumbing to my brain, scared that I’ll fall back into that hole and never be able to get out. 
But what scares me more is that the fear I feel won’t kill me but leave me paralyzed in the same spot forever, and I won’t let that happen. ‘Cause I’ve seen what this world has to offer. I’ve seen the kindness of strangers, felt the love of friendship, and if we’re to be honest, I have too much road left to travel.