Breaking down
Without a sound
As the rain
Starts pouring
As the weight on me
Starts boring down

There ain’t not rest
Is this a test?
Is this the end
Or the beginning
Is this my punishment
For sinning
I wanna know

If you got something to say
Won’t you tell me please?

The water’s high
As I drive
To this 9 to 5
This dead-end life
Wondering what the point is
To it all

I’m falling now
After another round
Am I trying to drink away
The pain
Or is this meant to
Keep me sane?
Cause I don’t know

What I’m doing anymore
I want to settle my own score

What do you want from me?
You think I’m strong enough?
Why do you think I’m strong enough?
I’ve got something to say
I don’t think I’m strong enough
I don’t think I’m strong enough

This life
Has got me close to the edge