Madmen Only

Try to cover up the mess you made
With all that you can find.
But the problem is
You’re surrounded by yourself.
You take a worn-out pack of matches,
A brand new silver dime,
And a dusty fifth of whiskey off the shelf.
You flip the coin, it sparkles
As it tumbles through the air.
You catch it and hold it in dismay.
You tremble as you turn your hand
To see what’s really there.
You take a swig,
The coin has had its say.
You’ll soon
Know just exactly who you are.

You walk along the darkened street
As the rain starts pouring down,
But you know the place
It’s not very far.
Just a couple blocks on passed the church
Right outside of town,
Take a left before your favorite local bar.
The letters they are glowing
A little gold, a little red,
Then a voice it comes
From just inside the wall:
“This place is not for everyone,
Are you sure you want to stay?”
You nod your head,
and the voice it comes again,
“You’ll soon
Know just exactly who you are”

You take the match and whiskey
And plan to burn the whole place down
But as you step inside, open your eyes, and start to look around.
There are people you thought did not exist
Speak to ones you thought were dead
You think you are a madman
You think you’ve lost your head
You thought it all was black and white
There were no shades of grey
Thought only there was day and night
And no dawn before the day
As the sun sets
On what you call your life
You forget just what you have said
You found there’s more than one way out
And to take that way instead
Cause you
Know just exactly who you are