Fools, Friends, and the Great Beyond
Tom Jolu
Rest Stop Song

Rest Stop Song



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Rest Stop Song is another another song that I featured on the 2018 “Long Road Demos”. These songs were some of the first “New” songs I’d show the band.

Ear Candy with Matt: Episode 4

Performance From The Van

This is the earliest known version of our song “Rest Stop Song”.
After a long night of driving, and the news that several of the shows I had booked for my first solo east coast tour had fallen through, I stopped at a rest stop to sleep.
I woke up the next morning to the sight of a man selling bootleg DVDs and assorted clothing with the word “FLORIDA” plastered all over them.
As I sat in my van watching his exchanges with strangers, I ate my breakfast of whatever food I could find on the floor of my van, and wrote down this song. After playing it once or twice, I had to show someone, so I recorded it and sent it out to the wilds of the internet and this is the result!

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